Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to any use of the ClaimsRated.com website, or any other website that is owned and operated by Claims Rated Ltd, PO BOX 61, Narberth, SA67 9AT company number 10492518.

In the remainder of this agreement, words denoting the singular shall include the plural and vice versa and headings are to aid readability only and shall be ignored in constructing it.

1. Definitions

Claims Experience; a person’s personal and objective assessment of their experience when making, or attempting to make, a claim on an insurance policy they currently hold or held in the past.

The Website; the website that is hosted at claimsrated.com.

We, Our, Us; Claims Rated Limited, Company Number 10492518.

T&Cs; this Terms and Conditions document.

User(s); any person that views, or accesses in any way, Content from The Website.

Registered User(s); any person that has successfully registered on The Website via Our “sign-up” or “register” forms.

Insurer Ratings(s); information supplied by a Registered User about their Claims Experience.

Insurer(s); a brand that provides insurance products to the UK market.

Insurer Information; any information on The Website about an Insurer. This includes, but is not limited to: logos, names, Insurer Ratings, aggregated or summarised information about Insurer Ratings, description of the Insurer, links to the Insurer, email address, telephone number, postal address.

Content; images and text displayed on The Website, including (but not limited to) Insurer Ratings, Insurer Information, Our logo, logos of Insurers.

2. Related Documents

Our Privacy Policy also forms part of these T&Cs. In the event there is any conflict between the T&Cs and the afore mentioned document, the T&Cs will take precedence.

3. Your Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

By using The Website, in any way, you accept these T&Cs and agree to be bound by them, and to accept Our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to update these T&Cs at any point and post the updates here and as User of The Website you are accepting the modified terms.

4. Use of The Website

The Website provides the following services:

  • for Users
    • to find information about the Claims Experience of Registered Users and other Insurer Information presented on The Website.
    • to share Insurer Ratings on social media by using the functions provided within The Website for sharing Content.
    • to read any Content that We publish on The Website.
  • for Registered Users
    • to submit Insurer Ratings to The Website.
    • to administer their User account, User profile and Insurer Ratings.

The Website must only be used, in good faith, for the afore mentioned services and for lawful purposes. You must not attempt to access any parts of The Website reserved for Registered Users if you are not a Registered User.

The Website is expressly for personal, non-commercial, use. It is expressly prohibited to use any automated software to crawler, spider, data mine, trawl or other ‘screen scraping’ techniques without Our prior consent.

5. Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights contained within The Website, including but not limited to Content, calculations, design and source code is the property of Claims Rated Limited. All rights are reserved. None of this may be copied or reproduced in any way without Our written permission except for sharing Insurer Ratings on social media as described in “Use of The Website”.

6. Being a Registered User

This section is applicable to you if you are, or become, a Registered User.

a) Your Account

You are responsible for your password and must at all times keep it personal to yourself; you must not make it available to others and are responsible for ensuring that does not fall into the hands of a third party. You must inform Us if you suspect your password has been compromised. We reserve the right to change your password if We suspect it has been compromised.

As a Registered User you must supply a ‘Screen Name’ that will be shown on The Website next to any Insurer Ratings that you supply. You may conceal your identity by using an appropriate pseudonym however the ‘Screen Name’ must not be offensive, misleading (i.e. suggest you hold some position of authority, or fame, that you do not), in any way refer to ClaimsRated.com or an Insurer. You warrant that the ‘Name’ you choose does not infringe on any rights belonging to any other party.

We are entitled to delete or suspend a Registered Users account without notice if We suspect any foul play, breach of these T&Cs or for any other reasons as We see fit. In such circumstances We may also choose to delete any Insurer Ratings you have supplied.

To become a Registered User you are required to provide your email address. To ensure the quality and authenticity of Insurer Ratings, during the sign-up processes We will send you a ‘validation email’ which contains a link to The Website that you must follow (click on) before you are able to ‘log in’ to The Website and perform any of the services that are exclusively for Registered Users.

We may use your email address to contact you with information about ClaimsRated.com but We will not send marketing emails unless you have given us consent to do so when setting up your account or share your email address with any 3rd parties other than as required to provide the services described in “Use of The Website”.

b) Submitting an Insurer Rating

By submitting an Insurer Rating to Us, you

  • irrevocably transfer and licence the rights, including intellectual property rights, associated with the Insurer Rating to Us for free use with no time or territorial limits and accept that We may share the information with third parties.
  • grant Us the right to take whatever legal action We consider necessary if there is any infringement in relation to the Insurer Rating that you have submitted to The Website.

When submitting an Insurer Rating, you are required to provide a policy number. The policy number will not be displayed on The Website, but it will be made available to the Insurer that the rating pertains to if the Insurer has an active contract with Us. The contract with Us prohibit the Insurer from contacting you about any aspect of the Insurer Rating unless you choose to give them consent to do so when submitting an Insurer Rating, it also prohibits them from making any reference to specific information about you or your claim in any Content they may post to The Website in response to your Insurer Rating. In the event that an Insurer contests that the policy exists/existed, or that your description of the Claims Experience is an accurate reflection of what happened, We may contact you for supporting information.

If you are employed by an Insurer, you are not permitted to submit an Insurer Rating associated with your employer.

You are liable for any Insurer Ratings you submit to The Website and warrant that any facts you state are correct and true. You are not permitted to include any of the following in an Insurer Rating that you submit to The Website:

  • Insulting, threatening, blasphemous language or any language that may cause offense.
  • untrue or misleading statements, or any statements that deviate from honest feedback about a genuine insurance claim.
  • Unlawful Content, or any Content that violates intellectual property rights.

If We receive notification, or by any other means suspect, that your Insurer Rating breaches these T&Cs or is in any way unlawful, We may delete the Insurer Rating without informing you and We may choose to inform any violated parties or the appropriate authorities.

As a Registered User you indemnify Us and hold Us harmless for any claims that may be made against Us as a result of: the Insurer Rating that you submit to The Website; your violation of the T&Cs or relevant legislation

7. Disclaimer

The Insurer Ratings are provided by Registered Users and We make no warranties, and shall not be held liable, for the Content and accuracy of information associated with Insurer Ratings.

We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss damage you may suffer or incur if any Content on The Website is not correct, complete and accurate or if it is misleading.

We do not guarantee the function of The Website will be error free, not that it will always be available.

We do not warrant that The Website is free from viruses or other harmful elements, which may affect any technology.

We do not exclude or limit Our liability for death or personal injury arising as a result of the negligence of Us or Our employees.

8. Other Terms

If any part of the T&Cs are unlawful or unenforceable this will not diminish the applicability and enforcement of all remaining parts.

We reserve the right to immediately, and at Our sole discretion, terminate your right to access The Website.

9. Applicable Law

If you live in England or Wales, these T&Cs will be governed by English law and the Courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction to intermediate on any dispute between us. If you live in Scotland, these T&Cs will be governed by Scottish law and the Courts of Scotland will have exclusive jurisdiction to intermediate on any dispute between us.

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