Claims Rated

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Helping buyers make better decisions.

Claims Rated

So what is Claims Rated?

Insurers that are Members of Claims Rated invite all claimants to provide feedback;
we collate the feedback to provide an independent and comparable rating of claimant satisfaction

Technology to make collecting ratings easy, robust & secure

Governance to ensure fairness and consistency

Promotion and distribution of "Claims Ratings"

Claims Rated

Claims Rated for Insurance Buyers

Find out how good an insurer is when it comes to what matters: dealing with your claim

Read uncensored and authenticated reviews from customers that have just made a claim

Compare insurers based on claims experience – all claimants receive an invite to provide feedback; all insurers are measured in the same way

Claims Rated for Insurance Industry

Understand how your customers rate their claims experience

Promote you Clams Rating and live claimant feedback in your sales processes.

Anonymised industry benchmarking

Tailored solutions for insurance brands, intermediaries, underwriters and claims handlers.

Claims Rated for Distributors

Provide your customers with the information they need to make an informed decisions

Increased conversion through increased buying confidence

Fair Promotion of high quality products

Insurers recently rated

Insurer Ratings

Give feedback on your claims experience, or find out how other customers rate their claims experience

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