Claims Rated for Insurance Buyers
Will your insurer be there for you when you need them?

Claims Rated

Why Claims Rated?

When you buy an insurance policy you are buying a promise that your insurer will be there for you when you need them, but how do you know they’ll deliver on that promise?

Claims Rated gathers ratings from customers that have claimed on their policy, we publish the ratings together with an overall Claims Rating so you can judge the quality of an insurer before purchasing from them.

If an insurer is not open about their claims, how can you have confidence in them?

Claims Rated

The honest truth…

  • Claims Rated Members are transparent and honest about their claims; we audit them to ensure all claimants get an invite to provide feedback.

  • We tell it to you how it is; we don’t censor, edit or sort the reviews – you see the good and bad as it comes in.

Claims Rated

Setting the standard!

  • The Claims Rating is based only on the ratings that real claimants have given.

  • We ensure all members conform to the same set of standards so you can be confident when comparing their Claims Rating.

Claims Rated

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ALL claimants get an invite?

Other than a few standard exceptions (e.g. claims involving a fatality) all claimants get an invite and we audit our members to ensure that this is the case.

Can claimant’s “game” this by submitting lots or ratings?

Invites can only be used once, our technology prevents claimants submitting multiple rating for any given claim.

Can anyone submit a rating?

Yes, anyone can submit a rating. You don’t have to get an invite to submit a rating, but if you’ve not received an invite you will have to leave your policy number so that we can validate that you made a claim.

How good a guide is the Claims Rating?

We give greater ‘weighting’ to the most recent ratings so the Claims Rating “score” you see is reflective of the experience you’re likely to get if you claim today… not what would have happened last year!

Are other ratings comparable with Claims Rated?

Only Members of Claims Rated are allowed to show the Claims Rated logo. If your insurer is not a member, how do you know how good they’ll be when you come to call on them?

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