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Amazingly, most of today’s insurance products are bought in a world where customers are missing a crucial piece of information: what the insurer is like when it comes to making a claim from them.

With such a crucial piece of information missing customers are left with few decision strategies…. “I’ll just go for the cheapest, I expect they’re all the same”, “I’ll go for a brand I’ve heard of”, “I’ll stick with my current insurer, they’ve been good” (even though I’ve never tried to claim from them!).

Frustratingly, customers who’ve had a terrible, or excellent, claims experience have no effective platform to share their views.

By independantly collecting and sharing the experience of customers that have claimed, Claims Rated provides this missing insight and shares it with consumers to help them to make better insurance buying decisions.

Claims Rated is a community where customers who have needed to call on their insurance policy can 'rate' and provide feedback on their experience. In turn, insurance brands, gain a 'Claims Rating' to differentiate the product and service they offer.

Customer feedback and rating of products is now a well-established part of modern on-line sales processes and is valued and increasingly expected by consumers…. the insurance industry is falling behind.

  • Give your customers the information they need to make an informed insurance policy purchase.
  • Give your insurance panel a new way to compete for your customer’s business based on the quality of the service they provide.
  • Improve sales conversion by showing recent feedback from customers who have claimed from each brand.
  • Display the Claims Rated ‘assured’ logo to demonstrate to customers you value brands who are open and honest about their claims.
  • Displaying our award logos to show customers who the market leaders are when it comes to claims service satisfaction.

Both you and your customers can be confident that Claims Rated insight is credible as it’s been gathered by an independent and impartial third party that focuses purely on customer feedback of their claims experience.

Brands have to invite all claimants that go through their claims processes to ensure the measurement is a fair representation of all customers.

Claimants simply click on the link in the emailed invitation taking them to ClaimsRated.com where they complete their rating, title, review and provide a screen name to be displayed with their rating.

The rating is published on ClaimsRated.com and is also made available to the inviting brand and distribution partners via a data feed.

We understand that you’re busy and don’t have unlimited resources; we offer a variety of integration options to make it simple to integrate with ClaimsRated.com. We’d love to tell you more about ClaimsRated.com and answer any questions you have, contact enquiries@claimsrated.com to arrange a conversation.

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